We invest in technologies that have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and that are economically viable. We are building a global network of partners and co-investors to achieve speed and scale.

Our focus is on innovative companies with promising technology and business models that are ready to be commercialized.

We are looking to work with driven and experienced entrepreneurs and teams that have the determination to turn their innovations into outcomes.

Climate Investments in action

So far, we have invested in a range of ventures that we’ve identified can make the most impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Highlights include:


Carbon capture, utilization, & storage


Inventys is a leading carbontech company with a vision to be a global leader in building a CO2 marketplace by using  gas separation technology that aims to reduce the cost of capture.


Carbon capture, utilization, & storage

Econic Technologies

Econic Technologies is creating new value from C02 waste through its pioneering catalyst systems which enable C02 to be incorporated as a raw material into the manufacture of polyols, the base of all polyurethanes. The company aims to replace 30% of polyol production using Econic’s catalyst technologies, potentially reducing the carbon footprint by some 3.5 million tonnes of C02 each year.


Carbon capture, utilization, & storage

Solidia Technologies

We invested in Solidia Technologies, a US-based pioneer in the heavy-emitting cement and concrete industry. Solidia has patented technology that allows cement to be produced more efficiently, and that uses carbon dioxide to harden concrete. These innovations have the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of cement and concrete by as much as 70% and water consumption by up to 80%.


Carbon capture, utilization, & storage

Clean Gas Project

Our first investment was a project that aims to design a full scale gas power plant with carbon capture and storage, including industrial CO2 sequestration capability. OGCI Climate Investments will work with the project team on a commercially viable concept and basic engineering design that can receive government support and attract private sector investors.


Reducing transport emissions

Achates Power

We invested in Achates Power, a US-based company that is developing high-efficiency opposed-piston engines that could have a substantial impact on greenhouse gas emissions.  With our investment, as part of a broader consortium alongside engine makers, Achates Power is working on key projects with the goal to accelerate its technology deployment worldwide.

Areas we invest in

Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS)

The separation, capture, utilization and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) is a crucial element in the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. To combat global warming, International Energy Agency (IEA) models project that substantive CCUS implementation will be needed.

We will invest in novel solutions that are economically viable and scaleable to separate, capture, utilize and store CO2. When required, we will also invest and partner in projects that can demonstrate the scaled efficacy and cost, thus reducing business and technical risks of these novel solutions.

To learn more about some of the projects we’re working on click here.
Reducing Methane Emissions

Reducing Methane Emissions

Natural gas is a low carbon energy source which is already helping make substantial reductions in CO2 emissions. The Clean Growth Strategy from the UK has calculated that a drop of almost 50% in the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions in the power industry between 1990 and 2015 was largely the result of converting coal power stations to natural gas*, together with rolling out renewable energy. However, there is potential for further lowering the methane footprint of natural gas.

To expedite action, we will invest in technologies and solutions to reduce methane emissions, across the value chain from well to point of use. Additionally, we will work with member companies and third parties to validate and implement.

*The Clean Growth Strategy, HM Government, October 2017

Transport efficiency

Approximately 14% of GHG emissions come from transportation. To prevent global warming exceeding 2°C, substantial advances in vehicle efficiency are needed quickly.

Electric passenger cars are a great step forward, but developing emission reduction solutions for long-range freight vehicles, ships and aircraft is crucial for the transport sector to meet its emissions targets.

We want to invest in technologies and partnerships to accelerate reduction of transport related emissions.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency within oil and gas and the industrial sector by developing, or implementing, solutions is an area in which we can quickly generate outcomes.

We will focus on industrial efficiency, investing in hardware, software and business models to drive implementation. We will leverage our member companies as well as third party partnerships in order to scale and deliver.

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If you would like to speak to our team, please contact us at [email protected]. If you have a technology in need of capital for development, or a solution at an advanced stage of development that you want to bring to market, we want to speak to you.