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2. Data from ten OGCI member companies


OGCI member companies

OGCI Climate Investments

November 2020

Occidental sets target to reach net zero emissions from operations before 2040 and an ambition to achieve it from the use of products by 2050.

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October 2020

OGCI meets its 2025 methane target and aims for its ambition

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July 2020

OGCI member companies announce upstream carbon intensity target

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July 2020

Petrobras announces its support of TCFD as it implements its climate commitments

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June 2020

Ontruck joins Climate Investments portfolio

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April 2020

Qnergy joins the Climate Investments portfolio

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April 2020

Climate Investments partners with Starwood Energy

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March 2020

Net Zero Teesside is officially launched as the UK’s first CCUS-enabled industrial hub.

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February 2020

October 2019

Chevron sets targets to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions intensity of all upstream operations

September 2019

Kelvin, SeekOps, Boston Metal, 75F, Norsepower and XL join Climate Investment portfolio

September 2019

Launch of CCUS KickStarter to accelerate progress on decarbonizing industrial hubs

January 2019

All companies report collective data jointly, under same guidance with third-party review

December 2018

Shell announces short-term targets to reduce the net carbon footprint of the energy products it sells

November 2018

OGCI companies and Climate Investments partner to support the UK’s first commercial full-chain CCUS project, now Net Zero Teesside

September 2018

OGCI companies announce collective upstream methane intensity target

September 2018

Chevron, ExxonMobil and Occidental join OGCI

September 2018

Climate Investments announces investments in Clarke Valve, GHGSat, Kairos Aerospace, Inventys and Econic

March 2018

Petrobras joins OGCI

October 2017

Climate Investments announces investments in Achates Power, Clean Gas Project and Solidia

March 2017

Equinor launches its 2030 Climate Roadmap

December 2016

Total integrates Paris climate goals into its strategy

October 2016

Launch of US$1B OGCI Climate Investments fund

December 2015

Explicit recognition of the Paris Agreement and its aims

September 2014

OGCI is launched