Improve energy efficiency

The energy, industrial and transport sectors emit more than 30 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, but a significant proportion of this energy is wasted due to inefficiencies. OGCI is working on ways to improve energy and carbon efficiency in member companies’ own operations and throughout other sectors critical to achieving global climate goals.

What OGCI is doing

Carbon intensity

We are developing a collective carbon intensity target on upstream oil and gas operations. Member companies are accelerating new approaches to energy efficiency, electrification and the integration of renewable to meet this ambition.


New technologies

We work with OGCI Climate Investments to identify and accelerate deployment of innovative energy efficiency technologies in transport, industry and buildings.


Transport efficiency

We are exploring how OGCI can support efficiency initiatives across the transport sector.


Knowledge sharing

We are identifying and sharing good practices to improve energy management in our own operations, the wider industry and beyond.

What OGCI member companies are doing to improve energy efficiency

Member companies are focusing on flaring reduction, efficiency improvements, electrification and the integration of renewables in their operations.

Equinor – A world leader in carbon efficiency

Equinor has eliminated around 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over the past decade through a series of energy efficiency initiatives.

Total – Energy efficiency in action

Total’s $300 million Energy Efficiency Plan, introduced in 2018, aims to reduce CO2 emissions by around one million tonnes per year in its refining and chemical operations.

What OGCI Climate Investments is doing to improve energy efficiency

We invest in technologies that increase energy efficiency in power, industry, transport and buildings.

Boston Metal

Boston Metal has developed a novel technology that enables a more efficient, more environmentally sustainable, and less costly production of critical metals, including steel.


Norsepower designs and manufactures mechanical rotor sails that provide auxil­iary propulsion power for large ships, reducing their fuel consumption and associated emissions.

XL Fleet Electrification

XL offers hybrid and plug-in hybrid electrification systems that improve fuel economy and reduce emissions in commercial fleet vehicles.

Achates Power

Achates is developing high fuel-efficiency opposed-piston engines that aim to significantly reduce carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions


75F delivers significant energy savings to commercial buildings with predictive, proactive automation of HVAC and lighting systems through a suite of wireless sensors, equipment controllers and cloud-based software.

2019 OGCI Report

Download here the 2019 Annual Report SCALING UP ACTION