Natural climate solutions 

Natural climate solutions strengthen the capacity of oceans, forests, grasslands, peat, mangroves and soil to act as natural sinks for carbon dioxide. They have the potential to deliver a third of the carbon dioxide mitigation needed by 2030 to align with the goals of the Paris Agreement, and are cost-effective, allowing for a faster and less costly net zero transition for society. Done properly natural climate solutions can help improve biodiversity, water regulation and the resilience of communities to climate change.  

What OGCI is doing

OGCI is actively exploring ways to catalyze natural climate solutions responsibly and on a scale that will have a meaningful impact on climate change, acting in parallel with and to complement member companies’ own activities.

We are exploring ways to support the development and transfer of knowledge and technology, and how to apply best practices in our industry. We are also looking at the role of well-established carbon markets to scale up the deployment of natural climate solutions, how to introduce measurable national targets and how to ensure reporting clarity and avoid double counting.

OGCI is a member of the Natural Climate Solutions Alliance and supports the NCSA draft guiding principle.

Natural climate solutions to be pursued by the energy sector only as an increased ambition.

OGCI member companies prioritize avoiding, minimizing and reducing emissions before balancing remaining emissions.

Natural climate solutions must embrace high quality practices.

OGCI member companies promote high environmental and social integrity through their natural climate solutions projects.

OGCI is working with IPIECA to develop guidelines for our industry aiming to protect, enhance and restore environments and ecosystems, especially those of high-carbon value, related to their operational sites.

OGCI member companies seek to deliver environmental, biodiversity and social benefits in addition to carbon mitigation in their natural climate solutions projects, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What OGCI member companies are doing to strengthen natural climate solutions

OGCI Climate Investments invests in technologies and projects that capture store or use carbon dioxide in industrial processes and power generation.

What OGCI Climate Investments is doing to accelerate carbon capture

We invest in innovative capture technologies, utilization solutions and projects to scale up CCUS.


Svante aims to halve the cost of carbon capture through its breakthrough scalable technology

Solidia Technologies

Solidia has developed patented systems for producing lower-emissions cement and concrete cured with carbon dioxide rather than water


Econic uses pioneering catalyst technology to incorporate carbon dioxide as a raw material into polyols

Net Zero Teesside

Net Zero Teesside is a CCUS project, located in the North East of England, which aims to deliver the UK’s first zero-carbon industrial cluster.

Wabash Valley Resources

Wabash Valley Resources are developing a project that will capture and sequester 1.5-1.75 million tons of CO2 annually from their co-located ammonia plant, to create the world’s first ammonia produced with near zero carbon footprint.

Elk Hills Carbon LLC

Elk Hills Carbon is a CCUS project led by California Resources Corporation (CRC), the largest oil and natural gas producer in California, which will capture CO2 from a natural gas power plant.