Provide clean affordable energy

Energy used in power, industry, transport and in the heating and cooling of buildings accounts for almost three-quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions. OGCI aims to help facilitate a shift towards ever lower carbon energy sources throughout the economy – at a cost that still enables access to energy for all.

What OGCI is doing

Aiming for near zero methane emissions

Reducing member companies’ methane emissions to near zero is a top priority for OGCI. We also aim to expand our impact by engaging across the natural gas value chain and in collaboration with others.

OGCI’s methane intensity target


Expanding our impact on methane emissions

  • OGCI joined the Global Methane Alliance programme, launched by UNEP to support the inclusion of methane emission reduction targets in countries’ revised NDCs


  • Extending the best practices incorporated in Methane Guiding Principles to OGCI non-operated joint ventures and other oil and gas companies


  • Supporting a Stanford University led update of the Global Methane Budget, as part of the Global Carbon Project
  • Supporting the Methane Science Studies alongside UNEP and EDF to increase scientific knowledge and understanding of methane emissions from the oil and gas industry – Read more


What OGCI member companies are doing to reduce methane emissions

Member companies are expanding leak detection and repair campaigns, removing high-emitting devices, and reducing both flaring and venting.

CHEVRON – Reducing methane emissions in the USA

Chevron has removed or retrofitted all continuous high-bleed pneumatic controllers from its onshore US facilities.

SAUDI ARAMCO – Getting results with leak detection and repair

Saudi Aramco’s comprehensive 2018 LDAR campaign covered all facilities in Saudi Arabia, systematically identifying and repairing leaking equipment and components.

What OGCI Climate Investments is doing to reduce methane emissions

We invest in solutions that reduce methane emissions during the production, delivery and usage of oil and gas.


GHGSat provides accurate, low-cost greenhouse gas monitoring data and services covering any facility in the world.

Kairos Aerospace

Kairos Aerospace provides actionable data on major sources of methane emissions from aerial surveys


SeekOps develops and fields advanced sensor technology for the energy sector to detect, localize, and quantify natural gas emissions through integrated drone-based systems.

Clarke Valve

Clarke Valve has developed a unique control valve that is low-cost and virtually eliminates fugitive methane emissions.


Kelvin delivers safe, secure and smart control of physical systems, utilizing AI to revolutionize complex system control. Through this platform, Kelvin is helping Oil & Gas companies improve economic performance and achieve positive environmental impact.


Qnergy provides remote power solutions to help companies improve operational efficiency and reduce emissions. One of the leading applications is instrument air solutions to displace methane emissions from pneumatic devices.

2019 OGCI Report

Download here the 2019 Annual Report SCALING UP ACTION