Reducing transport emissions

The transport sector is responsible for almost a quarter of total energy-related CO2 emissions. Around 75% of these emissions originated from road transport. The aviation and marine sectors each account for 11% of total transport emissions – but they are growing fast and their emissions are much harder to abate.

What OGCI is doing

OGCI is exploring how we can best contribute towards significant CO2 emissions reductions throughout the transport sector. We aim to harness our industry expertise to develop a portfolio of solutions for the short and long term – with a particular focus on challenging areas such as heavy-duty trucks, marine vessels and international aviation.

OGCI is currently focusing on four areas:


Transport efficiency and electrification

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Low carbon liquid fuels

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Transport workstream

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OGCI’s role in
decarbonizing transport

Developing a portfolio of solutions


What OGCI member companies are doing to reduce transport emissions

Member companies are focusing on everything from alternative fuels and mobile carbon capture to building out charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Climate Investments –
the methane emissions reduction portfolio

We invest in solutions that reduce methane emissions during the production, delivery and usage of oil and gas.