US$1B+ to implement and scale low carbon solutions in oil and gas,
industry and commercial transport.


Our strategy

OGCI Climate Investments brings new technologies and business models to high-emitting sectors focusing on areas that have lacked innovation and/or capital. Achieving significant impact requires global implementation and commercial frameworks. At OGCI Climate Investments, we collaborate with innovators, investors and governments to fund, deploy and scale impactful solutions.

Our objectives

We look for outcomes that reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions, and that can recycle or store carbon dioxide.

Our portfolio

We invest in solutions to decarbonize oil and gas, industrials, commercial transport and buildings. Find out more about our investments.

Investment calls

Investment calls are an important way for us to highlight impactful new technologies, identify promising projects and select new portfolio members.

Our Climate Investments Team


Pratima Rangarajan


Iain Fergusson

General Counsel

Rhea Hamilton

Managing Director Ventures

Roger Humphreville

Vice President Stakeholder Management

Ganesh Kailasam

Vice President Technology

Susan Kish

Vice President Strategic Marketing & Communications

James Mackey

Managing Director, Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage

Andrew Row

Chief Financial Officer

Our people bring industry experience and expertise to deliver the most impactful outcomes

  • null

    Amy Bason

    Special Projects Coordinator

  • null

    Aruna Ramsamy

    Ventures Principal

  • null

    Benjamin Haag

    Technology Principal

  • null

    Chandni Kara

    Finance Assistant

  • null

    Daniel Palmer

    Deployment Manager

  • null

    Danielle Andrews

    Special Projects Coordinator

  • null

    Felicity O'Kelly

    Ventures Analyst

  • null

    Hannah-Mei Andrews

    Ventures Associate

  • null

    Jason Dela Cruz

    Multi-media Marketing and Communications Manager

  • null

    Leo Csaky

    Legal Director

  • null

    Leonid Klimov

    Procurement and Compliance Manager

  • null

    Maria Vlachopoulou

    Technology Associate

  • null

    Rahima Begum

    Financial Controller

  • null

    Richard Searle

    Project Support Coordinator

  • null

    Rick Cutright

    Technology Principal

  • null

    Roslyn Goodhead

    PA to CEO and VP Stakeholder Management

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