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Removing carbon dioxide

We invest in technologies and projects that capture, store or use carbon dioxide in industrial processes and power generation.
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Svante aims to halve the cost of carbon capture through its breakthrough scalable technology

Solidia Technologies

Solidia has developed patented systems for producing lower-emissions cement and concrete cured with carbon dioxide rather than water


Econic uses pioneering catalyst technology to incorporate carbon dioxide as a raw material into polyols

Net Zero Teesside

Net Zero Teesside is a CCUS project, located in the North East of England, which aims to deliver the UK’s first zero-carbon industrial cluster.

Wabash Valley Resources

Wabash Valley Resources are developing a project that will capture and sequester 1.5-1.75 million tons of CO2 annually from their co-located ammonia plant, to create the world’s first ammonia produced with near zero carbon footprint.

Elk Hills Carbon LLC

Elk Hills Carbon is a CCUS project led by California Resources Corporation (CRC), the largest oil and natural gas producer in California, which will capture CO2 from a natural gas power plant.

Climate Investments case studies

Learn how our investments are helping to remove carbon dioxide.

The evolution of Net Zero Teesside

Getting a CCUS hub off the ground requires a commercial concept, funding, policies and regulations, community support, subsurface expertise and lots of patient work.

Solidia – Low carbon, CO2-cured concrete used in precast products

Using traditional precast concrete manufacturing facilities and curing products with CO2 instead of water, Solidia and EP Henry have produced pavers and blocks with an overall carbon footprint up to 70% lower than traditional concrete.

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We invest in solutions to decarbonize sectors like oil and gas, industrials and commercial transport. We look for outcomes that reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions, and that can recycle or store carbon dioxide.