OGCI Climate Investments is committed to driving significant reductions in methane emissions across the oil and gas value chain

We are launching a new program to finance or invest in projects around the world that deliver significant near-term impact by deploying proven methods and technologies.

Project proposals may include innovative solutions and business models in areas such as: Flare minimization, Venting elimination, Fugitives reduction and Complete combustion.

2020 Investment Call:
Projects to reduce methane emissions

Why does this matter?


Over 20 years, the global warming potential of methane is 84 times that of CO2.


Methane is responsible for around 25% of today’s global warming.

(IPCC AR5, 2013)

What is the impact?

  • We aim to accelerate the reduction of methane emissions by closing the capital availability gap that is hindering commercially viable projects.


  • Successful demonstration of innovative business models will attract broader investor participation in future emission reduction projects.

Oil and gas operations created ~80Mt of methane emissions in 2019

(IEA Global Methane Tracker 2020)

What is an investment call?

An Investment Call is a broad solicitation for projects where OGCI Climate Investments can enable rapid implementation through investment.

Find out more, email projectapplications@climateinvestments.energy