Venture Day – Towards Zero Methane Emissions

We invite start-ups and venture companies to present at OGCI Climate Investments’ Venture Day on Monday 25 June 2018 in Washington, DC, USA.

OGCI Climate Investments and our venture partners invite companies with promising technologies and/or business models in the areas of methane detection, measurement and mitigation along the energy value chain to submit ideas or funding proposals. We will select a shortlist of 10–15 companies for presentation and discussion on Venture Day.

OGCI Climate Investments is committing USD 20 Million to invest in selected technologies and business ideas; in addition our partners are committed to piloting/deploying technologies which have reached appropriate maturity.

OGCI Climate Investment operates a rigorous due diligence and investment process, carefully managing any conflicts of interest and in compliance with all legal requirements.

Why Methane?

Natural gas is a low-carbon energy source which is already helping to make substantial reductions in CO2 emissions. However, there is potential for further lowering the methane footprint of natural gas which accounts for approximately 9% of global anthropogenic greenhouse gases and has a climate change impact ~28 times greater than carbon dioxide over a 100-year period.


Anthropogenic methane emissions


Source: IEA WEO 2017


2nd most prevalent manmade greenhouse gas after CO2


Traps 28 times more heat in the atmosphere than CO2 (GWP 100 years)


Causes around a quar­ter of the global warming we’re ex­periencing today


Short-lived climate pollutant, with atmospheric lifespan* of 12 years

* Half-life
Source: IPCC AR5 2013

Deployment Accelerator

To expedite action, OGCI Climate Investments will invest in technologies and solutions to reduce methane emissions across the value chain from well to point of use. Additionally, we will work with our oil and gas member companies and third parties to validate and deploy solutions.

Our Areas of Focus

We are looking for novel, effective technologies and business solutions to address methane detection, measurement and mitigation across the gas value chain. Successful companies will benefit from funding, technical expertise, and potential deployment and piloting opportunities.

  • Invitation-only event.

  • Presentations made by a number of companies seeking funding to support technology commercialisation in the area of methane.

  • Breakout sessions to challenge the proposed technologies and to actively discuss ways to deploy the new technologies and business models.

  • Attendees: entrepreneurs, operational and energy experts, including representatives of our ten oil and gas member companies, and like-minded investors.

  • Details of venue and programme to follow soon.