Advancing carbon capture in the transport sector


Aramco has developed an innovative mobile carbon capture system that sharply reduces CO2 emissions from a heavy-duty truck.

The prototype system is undergoing testing as part of an initiative to seek decarbonization solutions for the transport sector. Carbon capture programmes typically focus on stationary power and industrial plants, and systems designed for mobile applications represent a new frontier in carbon abatement efforts.

The modified truck employs several technologies to halve CO2 emissions compared with a stock vehicle. The largest reduction comes from a chemical process that pulls a pure stream of CO2 from the exhaust system using thermal energy. This CO2 is stored in on-board tanks where the gas can be sent to a central location for re-use or sequestration.

The system has demonstrated a direct CO2 capture rate of 40% in the laboratory. An additional 10% reduction in carbon emissions comes from other technologies applied to the truck. These include a liftable axle and engine turbo-compounding to reduce fuel consumption while cruising on the highway, low-rolling resistance tires, and a low friction engine lubricant. Aramco’s engineers are also working on plans to convert the engine to run on a lower carbon content gasoline in the future.

Since the prototype system can theoretically be applied to any mobile application, Aramco’s engineers are working with OGCI’s transport workstream to assess the mobile carbon capture concept for use on a marine vessel.


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