2020 Investment Call:
Projects to Reduce Methane Emissions
OGCI Climate Investments is committed to driving significant reductions in methane emissions across the oil and gas value chain. We are launching a new program to finance or invest in projects around the world that deliver significant near-term impact by deploying proven methods and technologies.
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Our Investment Days

Investment days are one of our key ways of highlighting exciting new technologies and identifying new portfolio members

What is an Investment Day?

An Investment Day is an opportunity for selected companies and projects to present their innovative technologies, business and service models to an audience of investors, industrial partners and our member companies.








Past Investment Days

Investment Day:
Decarbonizing oil & gas operations

March 2020

In our first virtual Investment Day, seven companies pitched innovative technologies, business and service models with the potential to reduce the carbon footprint across upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas operations.

Investment Day:
Carbon capture, utilization and storage

September 2019

Eleven entrepreneurs pitched potential projects and carbon, capture, utilization and storage technologies intended to facilitate the deployment and scale-up of CCUS.

Venture Day:
Energy efficiency solutions to lower CO2 emissions

March 2019

Eleven companies pitched innovative energy efficiency technologies and business models that could lower CO2 emissions along the energy or industrial value chains.

Venture Day:
Towards zero methane emissions – a deployment accelerator

June 2018

In our first Venture Day, ten companies pitched technologies aims at detecting, measuring and mitigating methane emissions, aiming for a quick win in slowing the pace of global warming.

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We invest in solutions to decarbonize sectors like oil and gas, industrials and commercial transport. We look for outcomes that reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions, and that can recycle or store carbon dioxide.