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OGCI Annual Report 2019

This report provides an indepth overview of OGCI – its goals, members, activities and data.

GHGSat: Agora @ CERAWeek2019

Stephane Germain, President & CEO of GHGSat, speaks on providing satellite-based global monitoring services for greenhouse gas and air quality emissions from industrial facilities. Its technology enables more frequent and precise measurements of emissions than comparable alternatives, allowing operators to manage assets more efficiently, identify and fix problems sooner, reducing the environmental and financial costs posed.


Inventys: Agora @ CERAWeek2019

Claude Letourneau, President & CEO of Inventys, speaks on how his company aims to halve carbon capture cost through its breakthrough technology, using a distributed supply model to build a CO2 marketplace, enabling the utilization of CO2 at scale.


Kelvin: Agora @ CERAWeek2019

Peter Harding, CEO of Kelvin, discusses using AI to simplify the management of complex systems and enable physical systems to optimize and operate themselves. Kelvin is working with oil and gas companies to transform processes and systems in drilling and well completion.


ClarkeValve: Agora @ CERAWeek2019

Kyle Daniels, Director, President & CEO of Clarke Valve, speaks on the design and manufacture of proprietary control valves for the industrial market. Clarke Valve designs and manufactures proprietary control valves for the industrial market. Its patented Shutter Valve is cost-effective, energy efficient and virtually eliminates fugitive methane emissions.


Kairos Aerospace: Agora @ CERAWeek2019

Dr. Steven Deiker, CEO of Kairos Aerospace, speaks on providing actionable data on major sources of methane emissions from aerial surveys. Kairos Aerospace provides actionable data on major sources of methane emissions from aerial surveys. Its patented sensors and proprietary software make continual monitoring of methane emissions over large areas of land cost-effective.


Venture Day Highlights

Watch highlights from our first Venture Day (June 2018) focused on the detection, measurement, and mitigation of methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gases.


The Potential Value of CCUS to the UK Economy

A synopsis of the substantial body of independent studies both global and UK-specific which indicate that when compared with alternatives, CCUS has potential to deliver value across many sectors and make an economic contribution in the strive for deep decarbonization.


Podcast Columbia Energy Exchange

Jason Bordoff sat down with Dr. Pratima Rangarajan, CEO of OGCI Climate Investments, on the latest episode of the Columbia Energy Exchange. During their conversation Pratima and Jason discussed the history of OGCI and the goals of the Climate Investments portfolio.


OGCI Highlights – October 2017

“There is one common theme – we all believe that we need to work together on the future of climate change” – Pratima Rangarajan, CEO, OGCI Climate Initiatives


OGCI at Work:

OGCI’s 2018 video on delivering climate action. OGCI aims to increase the ambition, speed and scale of the initiatives undertaken by its individual companies to help reduce manmade greenhouse gas emissions


Reducing Methane Leakage

OGCI Climate Investments strives to reduce methane leakage across the full methane value chain. We invest in innovative startups in the energy and industrial sectors and use our OGCI network to help them achieve commercial success.